Geschichte der GAG AG

Recognizing the signs of the times – keeping an eye on the future


Gelenkkettenfabrik AG, Luzern is founded by Alfred Schindler, the majority shareholder of the company Schindler. As Schindler’s sole supplier of chains for its elevators, the company focuses principally on the production of Gall’s chains, leaf chains and sprockets.


The business segment is expanded to the purchase and sale of standard chains.


During the time of The Great Depression, Gelenkkettenfabrik diversified and balanced the contracting chain business through the fabrication of steel wool. The department stores Nordmann and Jelmoli are the principal customers of the well-known products marketed under the brands ‘Schwalbe’ (steel chips) and ‘Ido’ (refined steel wool).


The fabrication of steel wool is discontinued. ‘Gelenkkettenfabrik’ is taken over by Pars Finanz AG, Hergiswil, the predecessor of Schindler Holding AG. The company is renamed Gelenkketten AG (GAG).


Production is moved to Schindler’s headquarters in Ebikon. GAG is incorporated into the chain construction department of Schindler.

Geschichte der GAG AG


GAG moves to the premises of the Maschinenfabrik Cham AG as its operations expand and its need for space increases. The company specializes in the fabrication of special order conveyor chains and sprockets – while maintaining its offering of a wide array of standard chains. The clientele is varied: Companies from the textile, print and machine construction industries as well as manufacturers of elevators and escalators count on the high production quality of GAG as do wastewater treatment plants.


The new industrial building in Rotkreuz brings fabrication and administration together under one roof and offers the space necessary to bring innovative development projects to life. New products and concepts for complex chain transport systems are developed through intensive collaboration with customers, in particular, for the printing industry.


GAG is incorporated into Grapha Holding and uses the resulting synergies in the development of solutions for unconventional assignments.


After a long and successful collaboration, GAG is divested from Grapha Holding for strategic reasons, although it retains strong connections. The introduction of an integrated ERP system simplifies resource planning and optimizes production time.


After extensive investment in machinery and equipment, GAG chain parts can be produced around the clock. The management and production teams are built up. The groundwork for forward-looking just-in-time production is put in place.


Production, in terms of turning and punching, as well as assembly, is further upgraded. Semi-automated riveting machines increase capacity and expand production depth.

Geschichte der GAG AG